We provide support and staffing for individual and recurring third party assurance and due diligence reporting. Working closely with the client, our consultants will perform agreed-upon procedures and render customized attestations that will satisfy and surpass user requirements and expectations.
Third Party Assurance And Due Diligence Reporting
Corporate Accounting And Taxation Advisory Services
Sarbanes-Oxley 404 Compliance And Internal Audits
HGC assists companies in expanding the traditional internal auditing function. By integrating the COSO framework to internal auditing and SOX 404 testing, businesses can attain superior operational performance. COSO's innovative approach to internal controls help companies improve business results by identifying and eliminating business risks and operational inefficiencies.
Converting financial statements to XBRL format involves more than just mapping, creating taxonomy extensions, tagging, and validation. The conversion process must also accurately translate the Edgar HTML financial reports to XBRL format. HGC knows financial reporting and XBRL. Our XBRL conversion process includes additional procedures to ensure the accuracy and fidelity of the completed XBRL financial statements to the Edgar HTML version.
Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Finance And Accounting
Employing Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma to Corporate Finance, we are improving clients' financial reporting processes by relentlessly rooting out errors, identifying risks and problem areas, improving efficiencies, eliminating duplicate procedures, redeploying valuable company resources, and continuously training Finance and Accounting personnel.
HGC assists companies with the implementation and compliance of accounting pronouncements and tax regulations that are tailored to their business requirements and needs. Our services range from managerial to operating support staffing.

Harrison Group Consulting specializes in non-traditional accounting services. Recognizing that businesses face immense challenges complying with fast changing financial reporting, accounting, and tax regulations, we responded to our clients' requests for specialized services beyond traditional accounting and taxation. Each of our specialty service addresses specific areas within financial reporting, accounting and taxation. Designed to support and supplement our clients' Corporate Finance mission, our services are intended to be both cost-effective and responsive, allowing businesses to concentrate on their core competencies.

Leveraging our long history and extensive expertise in assurance services, accounting and business advisory, HGC supports and supplements Corporate Finance. By assessing new regulation's implication on a client's business, planning and implementing regulatory compliance procedures, compiling requested financial information and managing internal supporting documentation, our engagements are designed to minimize disruptions to our client's business operations.
External Audit Support
In response to much publicized, recent audit failures, external auditors are expanding audit testings and demanding greater documentation. HGC help companies navigate each stage of the external audit process by identifying potential audit issues that may jeopardize a unqualified opinion. In consultation with the external auditors, our consultants will plan and manage the external audit for our clients, assist Corporate Finance with compiling the required financial information, and coordinate the drafting of the financial statements and disclosures.
Traditional standard cost accounting does not adequately report the financial improvements derived from Lean Manufacturing and other management practices. HGC assists companies in implementing Lean Accounting to better measure Lean Manufacturing projects. Rather than focusing on individual operating units, Lean Accounitng metrics focuses on the entire business organization.
Lean Accounting
Bridging Financial Reporting Requirements With Innovative Solutions

Increasingly, third party users such as regulatory and taxing authorities, lenders, and investors are requesting special purpose financial statements, reports and documentation that are not supported by Corporate Finance. HGC assists clients with these requests by managing the entire special purpose reporting process from compiling the require financial information and preparing supporting documentation and workpapers to drafting the special purpose financial statements, special reports, and disclosures.
 Special Purpose Financial Reporting
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