For decades, companies have been using Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma to develop, produce and deliver near-perfect products and services. In the most recent survey of companies adopting Six Sigma, 53 percent of Fortune 500 companies are currently employing Six Sigma, saving an estimated $427 billion over the past 20 years. These results are impressive. Recognizing the enormous and limitless potential of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma, the Harrison Group Consulting (HGC) became the first to introduce and apply Lean Six Sigma to accounting and financial reporting which we coined Lean Six Sigma Finance And Accounting.



LSS Finance And Accounting adopts methodologies perfected by Lean Manfacturing and Six Sigma, and applies these methodologies to the corporate finance and financial accounting function. Through continuous innovations and improvements, standardization, and training, companies shorten the financial reporting cycle by eliminating duplicate and inefficient accounting processes, reducing financial reporting errors, and delivering more responsive financial data.
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How does your financial reporting compare with your peers and competition? This indepth survey compiled by Jeremy Hope gives excellent data on accounting departments' performance.



Financial Reporting Benchmarks
A presentation on the potential of Lean Six Sigma presented by the Lean Six Sigma Company.
Lean Six Sigma Accounting improves the responsiveness and quality of financial reporting by eliminating non-value adding processes, reducing inefficiencies, shortening the accounting cycle and lead time, eliminating wait and overprocessing of data, identifying redundant reportings, and aligning accounting processes to the information stream.

Determine your Business Cycle with the Cash Flow Throughput Dash Board. In these series of article, discover hidden information in your Cash Flow that will transform your company into a Lean Six Sigma one.



The Cash Flow Throughput Dash

The Houston Astros are revolutionizing baseball both on and off the field. See how metrics and data can drive success whether in business or in baseball.



Lean Six Sigma In Baseball?

In the early twentieth century, Professor J. Maurice Clark advocated that Cost Accounting is necessary for informed decision-making. His works, in many ways, parallels Lean Accounting. Consider the Ten Characteristics Of A Lean Accounting Process.




Consider Transfer Pricing as an alternative to Standard Costing in your Lean Six Sigma company.




Transfer Pricing May Be A Solution For Lean Six Sgma Companies.
Adapting Cost Accounting To Lean Six Sigma Accounting

The history of the lowly Barcode may hold the secret to expanding XBRL implementation.


How XBRL Can Gain Traction
Lean Six Sigma Accounting
Lean Manufacturing originated from Toyota Motor. Image of a Japanese car assembly line.
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