FT Executive Briefing: “Manufacturing Of The Future”
February 9, Frankfurt, Germany
Inter-Continental Hotel

This Forum examines how The Internet Of Things, Big Data Analytics, Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) and Advanced Robotics are transforming the manufacturing industry. Often termed the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0, the Conference focuses on Industry 4.0 topics and will include: Current Industry 4.0 developments, Critical breakthroughs, Future opportunities, Strategies to optimize 4.0 transformations, and Identify key barriers to Industry 4.0. Conference Link

Investing 2.0
February 15, 2017, Dusseldorf, Germany

Investing 2.0 focuses on investment strategies to maximize returns in Emerging Market Debts.Conference Link

Essential Future Forum: “Enabling The Connected Future”
February 17, 2017, Brussels, Belgium
Stanhope Hotel

The second in the Series focusing on intelligent device to device connectivity, this Forum discusses the roll out of 5G and how it will transform and empower industries. Special topics will include: 5G and the Internet of Things, Dilemmas and challenges that comes with expanded connectivity, Ways to incentivize R&D to deliver the connected future, Policy to promote breakthrough technologies, and Fostering crossed-industry collaboration. https://live.ft.com/Events/2017/Essential-Future-Forum

The Role Of Data And Analytics In The World Of Technology Disruption
February 2017, Online

This series of videos

FT Future of Healthcare Forum
February 28, New York, NY
Four Seasons Hotel

This Conference looks at the the challenges of providing healthcare services at sustainable costs and the many innovative approaches to achieve this.Topics will to be discussed include: Tailored employee program, Pay For Performance strategies, partnerships, and the use of technology, data, and analytics.Conference Link


Schedule Of Upcoming Conferences

by John Ho on January 13, 2017

See you at these Conferences:

Second European Financial Forum
Presented By the Financial Times and IDA Ireland
January 24, 2017, Dublin, Ireland
Dublin Castle

This Forum will explore the disruptive forces, as well as, opportunities facing the global financial services industry. Presentations include: Brexit, Investment challenges and opportunities in a low interest rate environment, Identifying and managing risk and the increasingly important role of innovation in financial services. This year, the Forum invited China Investment Corporation (CIC) and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) for a Asian perspective.Conference Link

Future Of Healthcare
Presented by The Wall Street Journal
February 15, New York, NY

This presentation examines the Affordable Care Act to date and the balancing of healthcare delivery and cost containment. Dennis Berman, Financial Editor for the Wall Street Journal, will be the moderator with guest, Mark Bertolini, CEO of Atena. This presentation is by invitation only.Conference Link

New York Times New Work Summit: “Leading The Teams Of The Future”
March 6 through March 7, Half Moon Bay, CA
The Ritz Carlton Hotel

This Summit is for anyone who is a decision-maker. The conference gathers business leaders, scientists, technologists, organizational psychologists, and related experts to share research, insights and strategies for building the teams of the future. The two day event will be packed with presentations providing real world applications and tools for leadership development. Conference Link

Investing In Africa 2017
Presented by the Wall Street Journal
March 7, 2017, London, UK
The News Building

This Conference examine how technology is driving development in Africa. Presentations will identify opportunities and risks in this region of the world. Topics include: Flow of investments and new opportunity; Africa is fertile ground for new and disruptive financing tools; Examining the continent’s political, financial, regulatory, legal, and security risks; and identifying mobile and data technology and agricultural opportunities in Africa.

CFO Rising East Summit: “Lead The Path To Financial Growth”
March 22 through March 23, Boston, MA
Western Waterfront Boston

This Conference will address all the challenges facing a modern CFO, and the opportunities they have to lead their organizations. Presentations include: Role of the modern CFO, Maximizing growth, Forecasting in fluctuating markets, Finance tech and innovation, and Financial leadership and culture. Conference Link

CFO Rising Summit Hong Kong: “Grow, Protect And Transform Your Organization”
April 26 through April 27, Hong Kong
Intercontinental Grand Stanford Hotel

This Conference presents the challenges facing Finance teams and the opportunities they have to lead their organizations. Topics include: The evolving role of the CFO, improving financial processes, The CFO in the digital world, leveraging and managing technologies, and paths to cyber resilience. Conference Link S


The New Corporate Finance Of 2020

November 5, 2015

Recently, David Axson, Managing Director at Accenture, published an article titled “Death by Digital: Good-Bye to Finance as You Know It” in CFO.com. Go To Article In this article, Axson predicts that Cross-Functional Teams (CFTs) will replace accountants and financial analysts in many Corporate Finance functions. According to Accenture, by 2020, more than 80% of […]

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Differences Between Lean Accounting And Traditional Accounting

September 10, 2015

At a recent business conference, a colleague from a prominent accounting firm asserted that Lean Accounting not only “cuts the waste but also the added value” of a business. The individual further stated that in Lean Accounting too many products from different value streams are generally assigned the same labor and overhead burdens. We were […]

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Innovation Metrics

July 27, 2015

Larry Keeley introduced the “Ten Types Of Innovation” back in 1998. For those who are not familiar with Keeley’s work, he identified ten frameworks to business innovation. They are: 1. Profit Model, 2. Network, 3. Structure, 4. Process, 5. Product Performance, 6. Product System, 7. Service, 8. Channel, 9. Brand, and 10. Customer Engagement. To […]

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March 17, 2015

On March 3, 2015, the International Forum of Independent Audit Regulators (IFIAR) released its 2014 Survey of Inspection Findings. The annual survey reported on member regulators findings of 1,096 audits performed by 163 auditing firms. Link to Report IFIAR-2014-Survey-of-Inspection-Findings According to the report, regulators found audit deficiencies in 41% of publicly held companies and 47% […]

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The Accounting Innovation Crossroad

March 4, 2015

Seth Kahan, a contributor to Innovation Excellence, posted an article on March 2 titled “The Axis Of Vulnerability”. Link To Article In his article, he presents the relationships of four business attributes grouped into two sets: practice and repetition, and edge (innovation) and mindfulness. Kahan proposed the following theory: When practice and repetition go up, […]

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Chinese Manufacturers Adopting Lean Manufacturing

February 24, 2015

As we continue to highlight companies that embrace lean manufacturing, we introduce Hong Kong based apparel manufacturer, TAL Group. TAL is a privately owned company with estimated revenues of (US) $850 million in 2014 and (US) $801 million in 2013. The company employs over 25,000 workers in Southeast Asia and is one of the largest […]

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Real-time Accounting: The Virtual Closing

February 20, 2015

In the mid 1990, Cisco embarked on a company-wide initiative to accelerate the financial reporting process. Cisco was a young network technology company, then, in a very competitive and fast-changing space. Management realized there was a lack of reliable, real-time information which became an obstacle to greater growth. Line managers needed to make daily operating […]

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The Cash Flow Throughput Dash Board (Part 3)

February 5, 2015

For many years, Lean Six Sigma Consultants sought to find better financial measurements to substantiate that Six Sigma transformed companies were indeed operating more efficiently, reducing defects and wastes, eliminating inefficiencies and redundancies, and improving overall profitability. Early adopters of Lean Six Sigma encountered lowered profitability resulting from lowered than normal inventory. In hindsight, smaller […]

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